Step-by-step: Quickly cre­ate chrome sur­faces

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1 After a quick line draw­ing, I block in the main colours and re­flec­tions of the chrome sur­faces, keep­ing in mind the back­ground that I’m plan­ning to use. I start with the sky colour as a base and try to find the mid­dle line of the curved sur­faces, where the ground plane meets the sky in the re­flec­tions. 2 I use one of my old pho­tos as a back­ground, match all the colour and val­ues of the chrome creature to the sur­round­ings and then start bal­anc­ing out the edges. I tighten up the re­flec­tions as well. Adding sharper edges to re­flec­tive sur­faces al­ways help to sug­gest a highly pol­ished ma­te­rial. 3 To fin­ish, I add ex­tra tex­tures to give all the ma­te­ri­als a much more re­al­is­tic feel. I use some photo tex­tures of re­al­world ma­chines to add more de­tails to the in­te­rior of the ob­ject, and dis­tort el­e­ments of the sur­round­ings to match the per­spec­tive of the curved sur­faces of the me­chan­i­cal craft… or is it a life-form?!

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