True Im­age 2015

easy backup Now there’s no ex­cuse for not ar­chiv­ing your art

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True Im­age 2015 backs up a com­plete im­age of your com­puter and stores it ei­ther se­curely on the in­ter­net, or on an ex­ter­nal hard drive or net­work de­vice.

Hav­ing a im­age of your com­puter means that if some­thing were to go wrong, then not only would your art­work, pho­tos and other files be safe, but all your pro­grams and their set­tings would be stored as well. So in the event of a dis­as­ter you’ll soon be able to get your com­puter up and run­ning again. For those artists who spend an age get­ting their art pro­gram’s tool set­tings, brushes and pal­ettes ‘just so’, the pro­gram’s ben­e­fits are ob­vi­ous.

Full sys­tem images can be huge, which makes the ini­tial backup process a lengthy one. How­ever, once this is cre­ated the pro­gram will then use in­cre­men­tal back­ups, af­fect­ing only files that have changed. This re­duces back-up times sig­nif­i­cantly. The in­ter­face is clear and easy to use, and each step of the backup process is ex­plained.

True Im­age is pow­er­ful yet sim­ple to un­der­stand, and makes the es­sen­tial process of back­ing up your dig­i­tal setup quick and pain­less.

True Im­age 2015 has a clear and at­trac­tive in­ter­face that makes back­ing up files sim­ple.

Price £40 (yearly sub­scrip­tion for 250GB cloud backup, £60)

Company Acro­nis Web www.acro­


The pro­gram has plenty of op­tions that en­able you to back up ev­ery­thing you need.

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