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How to paint sci-fi in­sects, atomic ex­plo­sions, light through blinds, molten glass, a sci-fi fleet and lots more!

Julie Ball­haus, Eng­land

John replies

There are a mil­lion ways to go about this. You have to first think about what you want to com­mu­ni­cate, which will in­form your com­po­si­tion and where you want to place your cam­era. You could set it at street or rooftop level, or choose an aerial view. You could make a de­tailed draw­ing with pen­cils, or knock out a speed paint­ing with com­pound brushes.

It’s an atomic ex­plo­sion, so the viewer will ex­pect to see the mush­room cloud in the dis­tance. It’s rip­ping through a city, so we’re go­ing to need a good view of all that de­struc­tion. I’ve cho­sen a view from just over the rooftops of low build­ings, with some sky­scrapers in the dis­tance. The en­tire piece will have an over­all warm colour pal­ette, with bright fire from the ex­plo­sion throw­ing high-con­trast light and shad­ows

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