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touched to know that his art has in­spired you to strive on as an artist. I read Michael’s let­ter (Dig­i­tal Av­enues) in is­sue 117 and re­alised that I could per­haps sug­gest some­thing use­ful. He says that he lives in a small place with no one to share his dig­i­tal art pas­sions with, but there’s an easy so­lu­tion! There are sev­eral on­line fo­rums where one can up­load sketches and ex­er­cises. The most popular in­clude the Sy­cra fo­rum, Con­cep­tArt.org fo­rum, Crim­son Dag­gers, Per­manoobs… and I’m sure there are more!

I’m try­ing out Sy­cra’s at the mo­ment and I’ve al­ready got lots of rec­om­men­da­tions for YouTube chan­nels to follow, point­ers and cri­tiques. Ev­ery­one was very wel­com­ing and I doubt any­one cares at all about any­one’s age on there!

And while on to the age topic, which he men­tions and tends to pop up ev­ery now and then, Van Gogh ap­par­ently started paint­ing when he was 28 (which, for the time, was pretty late). I heard that Brad Rigney started in his 30s and he’s a great artist who works for Wizards of The Coast. I also found a story of a guy who landed a gig with Has­bro when he was 40 or so, after 15 years in the po­lice!

I’d par­tic­u­larly rec­om­mend Sy­cra’s videos on the sub­ject (I’m not his PR agent, I prom­ise, but I did find them enor­mously mo­ti­vat­ing!) on YouTube. They’re free and very easy to follow. Teresa, via email Claire replies Thank you Teresa. What a well-thought out re­sponse! Hope­fully Michael and per­haps some other read­ers will re­alise that they’re not alone and that there are many like-minded peo­ple out there on­line. I have found the art com­mu­nity to be one of the most friendli­est and giv­ing com­mu­ni­ties there is. It’s cer­tainly well worth get­ting in­volved.

You’ll find Ja­son Chan’s fan­tas­tic art on Imag­ineFX’s binders un­til the sum­mer of 2015. Qi Jun was feel­ing unin­spired… un­til he dis­cov­ered Imag­ineFX and Pramin Phatiphong’s art in is­sue 113.

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