The ben­e­fits of Lazy Nezumi…

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I used to hop back and forth be­tween Pho­to­shop and soft­ware with more brush con­trols, but I now use Lazy Nezumi ( This plugin sits be­tween your tablet out­put and your soft­ware in­put. It can be made to in­ter­po­late pres­sure and po­si­tion in­de­pen­dently, as well as a lot of neat tricks. But it’s also ideal for folks who use Pho­to­shop for draw­ing.

Fe­bru­ary 2015

…and Con­fig­u­ra­tor

Adobe’s free Con­fig­u­ra­tor en­ables you to cre­ate cus­tom pan­els, but­tons and what­not. Here’s one of my tool pan­els. I can grab the tool and pre­set I want with a tap, and cre­ate my own icons to re­mind me what they do. Tabs help you keep things or­gan­ised. On the Com­pan­ion, this means you have any fre­quently used hotkeys mapped to but­tons as well.

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