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Even the most com­plex light­ing, ma­te­ri­als and tex­tures can be bro­ken down into sim­ple com­po­nents. Here, I’m ren­der­ing the light sources one at a time. I start with some­thing around 80 per cent as dark as it’ll get, so I can still see the line work. For each pass, I’m only con­cerned about adding light. Trace from your light source, don’t light any­thing that’s blocked, and cast shad­ows will take care of them­selves. In the fifth panel, I’m adding oc­clu­sion shad­ows, and dark­en­ing where the hori­zon re­flec­tion sep­a­rates the land from the sky. Lastly, high­lights punch out all those fun lit­tle pointy bits.

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