Re­fin­ing the Shield maiden

ImagineFX - - In Depth Art On The Road -

Now I fo­cus on our in­trepid hero­ine. I didn’t take a lot of time to re­fine her in the draw­ing stage, so here I’m tak­ing the op­po­site ap­proach as I did ear­lier, and draw­ing in all the cast shad­ows on top of a rough blob of colour. I’m us­ing a stronger light source on her than most of the rest of the scene, to im­ply there’s a lit­tle bit of a break in the clouds to give her more di­rect sun­light with­out re­sort­ing to God-beams, which are the artis­tic equiv­a­lent of us­ing ital­i­cised, un­der­lined, bold text. With caps.

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