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I’m writ­ing to you with a sug­ges­tion, since I know many artists face the same prob­lem at some point when they don’t watch out for their bod­ies and draw all day with­out breaks. I’m speak­ing of back and wrist pains, which can kick you out of business pretty fast if you don’t watch out. So I wanted to ask if it’s pos­si­ble to fea­ture an ar­ti­cle about how to pre­vent th­ese types of in­juries be­fore they start to be­come a ma­jor prob­lem. I know many peo­ple only try to do some­thing about it when it be­comes hin­der­ing in their daily work, but that’s usu­ally too late al­ready. I know this topic isn’t fun, but I’m sure many peo­ple would be grate­ful for some tips. Your big fan Lisa, via email Claire replies That's a great idea Lisa. Artists may be fas­tid­i­ous in the clean­ing of their art tools, or the main­tain­ing of their soft­ware and hard drives, but of­ten over­look how they can keep them­selves in a good con­di­tion to be able cre­ate. I'll look into get­ting this into an up­com­ing is­sue.

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