Cre­at­ing a speed ef­fect

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This is not as sim­ple as se­lect­ing a par­tic­u­lar area of the paint­ing and ap­ply­ing the Mo­tion Blur fil­ter, be­cause I need to take ac­count of the per­spec­tive in the scene, or if an ob­ject is spin­ning as it moves. I ap­ply this ef­fect on the back­ground by imag­in­ing that the viewer is mov­ing at the same speed as the character in her hov­er­board.

Sym­bols to support the theme

I want to rep­re­sent this ac­tion us­ing ei­ther sym­bols or lo­gos. So the most in­ter­est­ing is the ar­row. It sym­bol­ise the speed of the rider, the fu­ture and it’s a strong graphic de­vice that won’t go out of fash­ion. I also stylise the hov­er­board’s en­gines so that they look vis­ually in­ter­est­ing, rather than com­pletely func­tional.

Color Bal­ance

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