Re­mem­ber that light bounces

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Light bounces on all sur­faces. If there’s only one light source in the scene and the ground un­der­neath the ob­ject is lit by sun­light, it then be­comes a sec­ondary light source that I need to take into ac­count. Less bright than di­rect light, re­flected light from the ground will ap­pear in the core of the shadow and lighten its tonal val­ues. Bear in mind that the in­ten­sity of the sec­ondary light source is lower than that of the main one.

Im­prov­ing the forms

I keep ren­der­ing the shadow side be­cause I feel that it’s a bit too light, adding a Mul­ti­ply layer on top of the ship and re­fin­ing the shadow shapes. I also use the Blend If func­tion (see Pro Se­cret be­low) to con­trol this Mul­ti­ply layer. I’m try­ing to be sub­tle so I lower the Opac­ity of the layer blend­ing modes, es­pe­cially with dark ar­eas. It gives me more con­trol over val­ues.

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