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Lo­ca­tion: Ger­many Web: Email: ME DIA: Painter, Pho­to­shop, Sketch-Up, Art-Rage, Sculp­tris, Apoph­ysis Jen­nifer trained as a ar­chi­tect, but a cou­ple of semesters on art caught her at­ten­tion. She started paint­ing in acrylics, then switched to dig­i­tal paint­ing tools. “I think it’s im­por­tant to have some­thing to pour your heart’s blood into, and paint­ing is that thing for me,” she says. “I just never get tired of it.”

She’s even built her own fan­tasy world for her cre­ations. “Most of my per­sonal work to­day il­lus­trates my world, Ge­nius Loci, where I in­dulge my love for an­cient myths,” she says. “I’m in­spired by all kinds of things, from bi­ol­ogy to an­thro­pol­ogy and ety­mol­ogy, and it all amal­ga­mates into a fan­tas­tic world that of­ten sur­prises me.”

1 Rad­seri Spir­it­friend “I mod­elled the parts for this in Sculp­tris be­fore drawing them. Na­ture spir­its are friendly crea­tures; Rad­seri is the world’s fore­most ex­pert on their be­hav­iour and in­dulges their play­ful­ness. I paid spe­cial at­ten­tion to the spir­its’ colour­ing for their oth­er­world­li­ness.”

2 The Tale of Nahil and Re­mor “A piece for my world Ge­nius Loci, based on a pen­cil sketch and us­ing SketchUp to help with per­spec­tive. It was med­i­ta­tive to paint with such uni­fied colours. The tale isn’t writ­ten yet, but I like to be in­spired both ways – writ­ing first, paint­ing later, or the other way around.”


Knight Jas­min “I’m not fond of paint­ing crowds, but at­tack­ing un­dead armies are ac­cept­able. It’s a por­trait – of sorts – of my sis­ter and her dogs, which she asked for while play­ing Skyrim. The spell ef­fect is a frac­tal cre­ated in Apoph­ysis.”


Ser­bus Dragon “This is my sec­ond at­tempt at this piece. It was in­spired by a Ray­mond Swan­land paint­ing I saw in Imag­ineFX, but when I started it I lacked skill. This time it’s much closer to my orig­i­nal vi­sion.”

5 The Fleeter, the Girl and the Dawn “Fleeters are gen­tle crea­tures, and they love to play. I did it en­tirely done in Painter for my world Ge­nius Loci. I like the for­mat, but it did prove tricky to print.”




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