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While I’m aware male artists gen­er­ally fea­ture in greater num­bers than fe­male artists in the mag­a­zine, I don’t usu­ally mind much. I cer­tainly don’t nor­mally take out my cal­cu­la­tor to fig­ure out that women only make up seven per cent of the fea­tured artists. But in is­sue 118, I started to feel the lack of fe­male con­trib­u­tors more acutely. And I started count­ing…

Out of all the artists fea­tured with name and photo, only three out of 41 were fe­male. And that, hon­estly, is shame­ful.

This prompted me to do some Googling on women artists and equal­ity. All the search re­sults ended up be­ing about women por­trayed in art rather than cre­at­ing art.

How­ever, I did find some gen­eral fig­ures for mod­ern art as a whole. Num­bers are var­i­ously from the US and the UK, and might not be in­ter­na­tion­ally com­pa­ra­ble, but it seems around 60 per cent of art stu­dents are fe­male. One num­ber states that 51 per cent of mod­ern artists to­day are fe­male. In shows and ex­hibits, about 30 per cent are fe­male. Women are rep­re­sented in about 8-14 per cent of public art in Lon­don. In short, women artists aren’t re­ceiv­ing the at­ten­tion and recog­ni­tion they de­serve.

There are two things I’d like to see Imag­ineFX do about this. One is a themed is­sue ded­i­cated to women artists only. I would also like to see Imag­ineFX take the lead in mov­ing to­wards a fu­ture where th­ese gen­der is­sues are no longer is­sues. It shouldn’t be too dif­fi­cult to set up a few goals about what per cent (of ei­ther gen­der) should al­ways be rep­re­sented. Char­lotte Ahlgren, via email Claire replies Thanks for writ­ing in and bring­ing this to our at­ten­tion, Char­lotte. I would agree that the is­sue in ques­tion doesn’t have a gen­der bal­ance re­flec­tive of the in­dus­try. Though I would hope you’ll no­tice there’s a lot more fe­male in­put in this month’s edi­tion. The gen­der bal­ance in is­sue 118 and this one, how­ever, is en­tirely co­in­ci­den­tal. We sim­ply try to find great art – and for this rea­son I’m not sure a quota sys­tem is the best way for­ward. Per­haps men are sim­ply bet­ter at pro­mot­ing them­selves on­line – which is where we re­search most of our artists. Also, art stu­dents may pre­dom­i­nantly be fe­male, but do they go on to work in the fields that we rep­re­sent? Is there a fair rep­re­sen­ta­tion of fe­males in games and film art, and comics for ex­am­ple? What do other read­ers think?

Is­sue 114 was the last time Imag­ineFX had a fe­male cover artist. Do we have a rep­re­sen­ta­tive num­ber of fe­male artists in the mag­a­zine?

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