Ap­ply noise to a dig­i­tal im­age

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1To make my brushes feel more tra­di­tional I ac­cess the Brush pal­ette. Cre­at­ing a brush from a brush stroke ( 1) helps to get rid of the dig­i­tal-look­ing round shapes of the stan­dard Pho­to­shop brushes. I also turn on Shape Dy­nam­ics and ap­ply a tex­ture (2) to it.

2To add noise, I cre­ate a new layer, fill it with a neu­tral grey (RGB: 125,125,125) and click Fil­ter >Noise >Add Noise (about 50 per cent), fol­lowed by Fil­ter> Fil­ter Gallery> Brush Strokes> Spat­ter. Fi­nally, I set my layer to Soft Light and ad­just its Opac­ity to 20 per cent.

3I try to hold off us­ing noise un­til the end of the paint­ing process. If I add it too soon, it ob­scures my vi­sion for the brush strokes un­der­neath. I’m also care­ful not to overdo ef­fects such as th­ese. Us­ing th­ese tech­niques re­sults in a paint­ing that’s 20 per cent more tra­di­tional look­ing!

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