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“You re­ally have to want to do this,” says vet­eran illustrator Dave See­ley. “It’s not an easy life for the per­son with the skills, per­sis­tence and cre­ativ­ity re­quired. There are far more re­mu­ner­a­tive pro­fes­sions for peo­ple with those strengths. When you’re young, you don’t think that mat­ters so much, but when your con­tem­po­raries in other pro­fes­sions are rais­ing kids and nest­ing with three to 10 times your level of pay, it gets you to think­ing. How­ever, there can be great sat­is­fac­tion, the abil­ity to make your own sched­ule, have some fun, gain some mod­est no­to­ri­ety, and lots of wal­low­ing in im­age junkie heaven.”

Young illustrator Karla Or­tiz agrees. “Love it,” she says. “All art is a labour of love. If you have a pas­sion for your work, it shows.”

co­bra slave

Space­craft loom­ing dramatically above a planet – not nec­es­sar­ily out of fash­ion in sci-fi il­lus­tra­tions,

says Dave See­ley.

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