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Once you’re on the radar of art di­rec­tors and pro­duc­ing cov­ers, carry on hon­ing your style, take own­er­ship of it, put your soul into it. “Get very, very good,” says Irene Gallo. “The bet­ter the work is, the eas­ier mar­ket­ing it be­comes and sud­denly it’s be­ing ac­cepted into an­nu­als, be­ing linked to on so­cial me­dia, art di­rec­tors are telling art-direc­tor friends about it. A big part of that is hav­ing a dis­tinc­tive voice. When I hire peo­ple like Victo Ngai, Sam We­ber, Allen Wil­liams, or Anna and Elena Balbusso, it’s be­cause they have a point of view that no one else does. I of­ten want artists who can bring them­selves into the paint­ing, show us the world in a way no one else can.”

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