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Don’t wait to get hired. “Pick up a book, read it, and il­lus­trate it. Build a strong port­fo­lio and start ap­proach­ing agents and pub­lish­ers,” says fan­tasy illustrator Rohan Ea­son. “Cre­ate your own books to il­lus­trate, or choose ran­dom books from the li­brary and bring them to life with il­lus­tra­tions. Of­fer your ser­vices for free to new au­thors, do any­thing you can to prac­tise. There are no quick tips for book il­lus­tra­tion. But de­vel­op­ing your own work­ing prac­tice will help.”

Dave See­ley agrees. “As­sign your­self your dream job and ex­e­cute it,” he says. “Then mar­ket that im­age by sub­mit­ting to il­lus­tra­tion an­nu­als, web me­dia, com­pe­ti­tions, and so on. Seek ex­po­sure for your art.”

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