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Thanks so much for your reg­u­larly inspiring mag­a­zine. I buy ev­ery is­sue. Most artists suf­fer from cre­ative block from time to time and I want to share my new cat­a­lyst for break­ing through it: run­ning.

I ini­tially started, aim­ing to lose weight that had built up af­ter too long stuck at my desk, eat­ing bad food. I thought I would hate it, but af­ter the first two short runs (which ad­mit­tedly were a bit, er, panty), much to my sur­prise, I’ve found I love it.

As well as the ob­vi­ous phys­i­cal benefits, and those lovely en­dor­phins (a nat­u­ral high), there’s some­thing about swap­ping screens and nag­ging emails for peace­ful trees and buxom hills that makes me very happy. It’s now part of my daily rou­tine.

I’ve be­come more pro­duc­tive and I seem to come back to my desk full of fresh ideas. The ex­er­cise clears my mind of unim­por­tant white noise is sup­planted by cre­ative thoughts and vi­sions. There’s def­i­nitely a cor­re­la­tion be­tween phys­i­cal ex­er­cise and in­creased brain ac­tiv­ity. The Ro­man­tic-era po­ets of course went for long walks to stim­u­late their imag­i­na­tions.

I feel like I’m cre­at­ing some of my best art at the mo­ment, be­cause of this. If any other artists are strug­gling for ideas or mo­ti­va­tion, I’d cer­tainly rec­om­mend a gen­tle jog, ide­ally in the coun­try­side. Works for me! Ben Haver­stock, via email

Claire replies In­ter­est­ing stuff, thanks Ben. Have oth­ers found ex­er­cise help­ful for cre­ativ­ity? What other meth­ods do artists use to trig­ger cre­ative thoughts?

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