Com­bine manga and pho­to­bash­ing

Valentina Re­me­nar shares her process for designing a sci-fi war­rior by com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent paint­ing styles

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Valentina Re­me­nar com­bines artis­tic styles to cre­ate a sci-fi war­rior.

his paint­ing was cre­ated as a poster for a Ja­panese event held in Slove­nia, but even though it was a com­mis­sioned piece I was given the free­dom to paint any­thing I wanted.

Be­cause there was a Ja­panese theme, I de­cided to paint a manga char­ac­ter and also in­clude some el­e­ments that rep­re­sented Ja­panese cul­ture, such as a katana sword. I also wanted to cre­ate a sci-fi en­vi­ron­ment and com­bine sev­eral dif­fer­ent art meth­ods, such as pho­to­bash­ing and 3D mod­el­ling.

TWhen I start plan­ning a con­cept I usu­ally try to in­clude el­e­ments that will help view­ers to recog­nise what the paint­ing will be used for, and place th­ese at the fo­cal point, which in this piece is the char­ac­ter and his katana.

I also de­cided to paint the char­ac­ter in a semi-re­al­is­tic manga style, in or­der to give the piece a sense of so­lid­ity and make it look more be­liev­able. This will nicely bal­ance the fact that the over­all idea is straight out of my imag­i­na­tion: a sci-fi war­rior com­bined with tra­di­tional Ja­panese el­e­ments.

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