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Lo­ca­tion: US Web: Email : tra­cyfly­n­ me­dia: Oils on Ma­sonite Tracy works solely in tra­di­tional forms: “There’s a magic to the pieces when the light hits them and the colours start to glow.” He’s pas­sion­ate about work­ing with oil paints, and brush and inks, and would love to break into the pub­lish­ing and gam­ing worlds. At the mo­ment he’s busy il­lus­trat­ing for var­i­ous nov­els and an up-and-com­ing RPG, End­less Ter­rors. 1 Drow vs Fl ayer

Oils on Ma­sonite, 14x18in “I painted this piece for one of Jon Schin­de­hette’s ArtOrder chal­lenges. The im­age was sup­posed to be for a wrap-around cover, and if I re­mem­ber my re­search cor­rectly, when a Mind Flayer dies he turns into a va­porous green ver­sion of him­self. I wanted to de­pict that and give an added sense of dan­ger and in­ter­est to the im­age.” 2 Cav­ern of Doom

Oils on Ma­sonite, 14x18in “I painted this pri­mar­ily left-handed af­ter surgery on my right hand. I’m a ‘sketcha­holic’ and am con­stantly doo­dling and drawing things, and for this one I was on a dwarf kick and had been play­ing about with dif­fer­ent images of dwarfs. I had also done a pen­cil im­age of a seeker that I re­ally liked, so I com­bined dwarfs, cav­erns and the seeker into a Dun­geons & Dragons style im­age.” 3 Éowyn

Oils on Ma­sonite, 16x20in “Ev­ery fan­tasy artist has to do a Tolkien piece. Éowyn’s en­counter with the Witch King has amaz­ing drama. You have this un­dead king who can’t be killed by any man, and his ego gets the best of him by as­sum­ing that his foe is a man, and all of a sud­den you have the rev­e­la­tion of, ‘I am not a man!’ It’s an in­cred­i­ble cli­max to the scene.”



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