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Ex­haust­ing work Ni­co­las Ban­nis­ter’s idio­syn­cratic poster se­ries has caused vir­tual grid­lock on­line

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Find out how a bad case of bore­dom led Ni­co­las Ban­nis­ter to paint movie and TV run­abouts from the rear – and the pos­i­tive re­sponse he re­ceived.

A bad case of bore­dom got Ni­co­las Ban­nis­ter sketch­ing. “I de­cided to do what I usu­ally do when I’m bored – a fake movie poster,” he says. “It ended up be­ing just a car with a char­ac­ter and a punch­line on top.”

But what grew out of idle doo­dles has been fu­elled by on­line on­look­ers and spawned a se­ries of iconic movie cars. The Ban­nCars se­ries is a union of Ni­co­las’s pas­sions: film, graphic de­sign and cin­e­matic ve­hi­cles. “I like it when a car has been de­signed specif­i­cally for a real pur­pose in the story, when it’s a char­ac­ter,” he says.

The French illustrator says he set­tled on the un­usual rear view be­cause it’s rarely shown, ex­cept in car chases. “I love that low an­gle, very close to the ground. I thought why not try to see if a fa­mous TV or movie car can be recog­nis­able from be­hind?” The view also poses a chal­lenge for the viewer. “It works for some, not for oth­ers.”

As well as art re­quests, the artist’s been ap­proached for jobs, ex­hi­bi­tions and more. Mi­ra­max fea­tured his in­car­na­tion of Kill Bill’s Pussy Wagon on its Face­book page, and he’s re­ceived ACME com­mis­sions for Star Wars’ Mil­len­nium Fal­con and Fu­tu­rama’s Planet Ex­press ship. But he doesn’t plan to paint space­crafts. “It would just open the door to insanity – there are so many!”

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I love that low an­gle, very close to the ground. I thought, why not see if a fa­mous TV or movie car is recog­nis­able from be­hind?

“Usu­ally I don’t get much trac­tion with my stuff on­line, but the feed­back on this has been crazy,” says Ni­co­las. Here’s Ni­co­las’s Akira poster, fea­tur­ing the dis­tinc­tive bike rid­den by the char­ac­ter Kaneda. As well as this take on Duel, Ni­co­las has il­lus­trated other iconic, trans­port­fo­cused fea­tures such as Speed and Knight Rider.

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