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I was deeply up­set by your re­sponse to the reader, Char­lotte Ahlgren. I, too, had no­ticed that more male artists than fe­male are con­sis­tently rep­re­sented – though that’s so stan­dard, no mat­ter where you look, that I took it for granted. She had a valid point, and I was ap­palled at the dis­mis­sive re­sponse that was tan­ta­mount to: “We go by tal­ent, so maybe the male artists are just bet­ter?” That might not be what you in­tended, but that was the un­de­ni­able sub­text. And this is in­dica­tive of ex­actly the kind of at­ti­tude that pro­motes and sup­ports in­equal­ity in th­ese in­dus­tries.

In an­swer to your an­swer, couldn’t that be ex­actly the mind­set that dis­cour­ages fe­male art stu­dents from pur­su­ing th­ese ca­reers? I agree with Char­lotte that Imag­ineFX should be seek­ing to broaden the tal­ent base (isn’t that the whole point?), rather than re­strict it by cater­ing to a nar­row band of pre­dom­i­nantly male artists and read­ers.

And as a side note, when­ever you’re ready to do that all-fe­male is­sue, con­sider me ea­ger to be cho­sen as a con­trib­u­tor. Melissa, via email Claire replies Melissa, in no way did I say that male artists are bet­ter, so for you to im­ply that I am sex­ist has greatly up­set me. Both you, I and all women not only op­er­ate in a male-dom­i­nated in­dus­try, but a male­dom­i­nated world. I’m not happy that there is in­equal­ity in any in­dus­try. How­ever, I do be­lieve that my ed­i­tor­ship at Imag­ineFX can go to­wards re­dress­ing the bal­ance. Even the sim­ple fact that we’re hav­ing this de­bate will have a pos­i­tive im­pact.

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