Anatomy of the Head Part 2

Dis­cover the ba­sics of anatomy as artist Pa­trick J Jones helps you draw heads with con­fi­dence and style

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Grasp the ba­sics of anatomy as artist Pa­trick J Jones helps you draw heads with con­fi­dence and style.

Pa­trick J Jones has steadily built up a li­brary of art video train­ing that’s be­come re­quired view­ing. 2014’s se­ries on the mak­ing of his Co­nan The Con­quered piece dis­cusses the craft of oil paint­ing in ex­haus­tive de­tail, for ex­am­ple. Now he’s put to­gether a new se­ries, in which he aims to of­fer a com­pre­hen­sive guide to anatomy.

Pa­trick takes it from the top – lit­er­ally – with ad­vice on drawing the hu­man head. This in­stal­ment from his se­ries fo­cuses on the side-pro­file view, an an­gle that many artists learn­ing the ropes find dif­fi­cult. You’ll see how to start with ba­sic shapes and sim­ple mea­sure­ments, then pin­point crit­i­cal anatom­i­cal parts to add forms un­til you have a fin­ished head.

As usual with Pa­trick, there’s plenty of ex­tra value to be found in his dis­cus­sion of top­ics be­yond the core sub­ject. You’ll pick up plenty of pen­cil­draw­ing tech­niques, such as sim­ple tools to help you erase with­out dam­ag­ing the pa­per or achieve smooth gra­da­tions in tones, or the skills of hold­ing the pen­cil in dif­fer­ent ways to achieve loose ges­tures or tight de­tails.

As Pa­trick is at pains to point out, there are many other sources of in­for­ma­tion for learn­ing head anatomy, from sketches by Leonardo da Vinci to the clas­sic in­struc­tional books by An­drew Loomis. Ev­ery artist to­day stands on the shoul­ders of the cre­ative gi­ants who have been re­search­ing, tran­scrib­ing and teach­ing this knowl­edge for cen­turies.

What makes Pa­trick’s ver­sion no­table is that you get to see the pro­gres­sion of the drawing, from the most ba­sic lines to re­fine­ment of an­gles and shapes. Study­ing from a video rather than books shows you how even the most com­plex ren­der­ing starts with sim­ple foun­da­tions, and will help you to build the con­fi­dence to reach a sim­i­lar stan­dard to Pa­trick’s ac­com­plished draw­ings.

Pa­trick shows how you can build up a de­tailed side-pro­file, in his sec­ond Anatomy of the Head video.

If you find the prospect of drawing a full head shot in­tim­i­dat­ing, Pa­trick J Jones ex­plains how to build the forms up from sim­ple shapes.

As the drawing evolves, un­der­stand­ing the re­la­tion­ship of dif­fer­ent planes and an­gles be­comes im­por­tant.

In a brief de­tour from his main head drawing, Pa­trick looks at how cer­tain style de­ci­sions can make eyes look more fem­i­nine.

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