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ImagineFX - - Issue 122 June 2015 -

1 Sail­ing

Acrylic, 7x5in

“I was lis­ten­ing to Mike Old­field’s old al­bums, re­gret­ting he hadn’t cre­ated any­thing new for a long time. I de­cided to look for news about him and found he had re­leased a new al­bum, Man on The Rocks, and there was a new song called Sail­ing. When I heard this song, I was sur­prised how much it was about this lit­tle red man I had de­picted on my paint­ing. So here he is – sail­ing, singing: ‘Let me out. I can’t breathe. Gotta get out of this con­crete hole.’”

2 Pet

Acrylic, 8x7in

“I cre­ated this il­lus­tra­tion rather quickly. I was in­spired by the clas­sic theme of Beauty and the Beast and de­cided to make it more sen­sual or sex­ual. You can even see the stains of paint on the back­ground – I hur­ried to ex­press my feel­ings and for­got about ac­cu­racy.”


Jeal ousy

Acrylic, 42x56in

“I wanted to cre­ate some­thing epic and mys­te­ri­ous and ended up drawing this story of a pow­er­ful blood­thirsty witch who found that the ob­ject of her de­sire (a hand­some prince maybe) was in love with some­one else. Some­times when I draw, I re­alise sto­ries are even more im­por­tant to me then images and this art­work is a good ex­am­ple.”



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