Step-by-step: Build up a char­ac­ter with dif­fer­ent tex­tures

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I block out the char­ac­ter and her out­fit with­out tex­tures. As you’d imag­ine, this is the most time- con­sum­ing part of the process. I paint the tex­ture­less pieces of cloth­ing on just one layer, but plan ahead on the other pieces and keep them light in value and on a sep­a­rate layer. This helps me cut out the tex­tures later on. Now that I have the ba­sic shape , I paste in a plaid tex­ture, move it over the hoodie layer and hit Edit>Trans­form> Warp. I skew the tex­ture so that it fol­lows the hoodie’s shape, then set its Blend mode to Mul­ti­ply. I Ctrl- click the hoodie layer’s Layer icon, in­vert the se­lec­tion and erase the over­flow of the pat­tern. With the tex­ture layer se­lected I go to Fil­ter>Liquify. I en­ter Ad­vanced Mode and tick the Show Im­age box. With the For­ward Warp Tool I push parts of the tex­ture around to fol­low the creases and folds of the un­der­ly­ing clothes. I hit OK and as if by magic the tex­ture smoothly fol­lows the shape of the forms un­der­neath.

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