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The stu­dio’s founder has a de­sire to please all-com­ers...

Did you es­tab­lish Scrib­ble Pad Stu­dios with any spe­cific mission plan in mind – and if so, do you think you’ve ful­filled it?

The mission be­hind de­vel­op­ing Scrib­ble Pad Stu­dios was to be­come one of the in­dus­try’s top de­sign houses. It’s taken quite a bit of blood and sweat by the team, but I be­lieve we’re def­i­nitely on the right track. The in­dus­try is con­stantly chang­ing and new tal­ent is greater than ever. We have to con­tinue to de­velop our­selves, both as a stu­dio and as artists, to sur­pass the never-end­ing com­pe­ti­tion on the rise.

Do you find the day-to-day run­ning of the com­pany gets in the way of sat­is­fy­ing your cre­ative urges, or does it all feel like play?

Never have I felt limited by the stu­dio’s needs. De­vel­op­ing the needs of the stu­dio is in it­self one of the cre­ative urges that I have. It takes a lot of ef­fort to di­rect a stu­dio, but ob­serv­ing the re­sults and watch­ing both the artists and my­self grow de­liv­ers a very com­pelling feel­ing. There are times when hav­ing to han­dle other as­pects of the stu­dio in­ter­ject while work­ing on a project, but in no way does that mean th­ese mat­ters in­ter­fere with my cre­ative urges as an artist.

What makes the out­put of Scrib­ble Pad unique, when you look around at other stu­dios?

I would like to think we’re very adapt­able to all of our clients’ needs. Since we un­der­stand the de­sign process very thor­oughly, we’re not re­stricted to genre or sub­ject mat­ter. Designing for en­vi­ron­ments, or char­ac­ters, or props, ve­hi­cles, weapons, science fic­tion, fan­tasy and so on, you know… it’s all the same. Un­der­stand­ing our client’s needs is the most im­por­tant fac­tor when ap­proach­ing a de­sign, and thank­fully has en­abled us to be­come very ver­sa­tile.

Do you have any more plans to work in film? If you could green­light any one such movie project, what would it be?

Scrib­ble Pad Stu­dios does have plans to work on some forth­com­ing unan­nounced films. It would be thrilling to green­light an in­ter­nal stu­dio project. Be­ing able to di­rect and art di­rect such a project would be an amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. I love work­ing in a team ef­fort with all in­di­vid­u­als fo­cus­ing on the same goal. I feel I would take much pride in be­ing able to co­or­di­nate such an ef­fort, although I know it’ll come with a heavy price.

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