Serge Bi­rault

The renowned pin-up artist talks about his legal back­ground, his favourite mod­els and his great­est cre­ation to date

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erge Bi­rault is a great pin-up artist. From his first post­ings on­line in the early 2000s, his style of de­tailed, tech­ni­cal, painstak­ing art has won him fans on all con­ti­nents – friends, too. Yet, for a long time the French artist was des­tined to in­habit quite an­other world, far re­moved from the la­tex-cov­ered, oc­to­pus-fight­ing women he’s syn­ony­mous with. Serge was go­ing to be a judge.

He stud­ied law for eight years spe­cial­is­ing in work law, specif­i­cally work­ing with dis­abled ap­pli­cants. In his first role he was hired to fire a group of other em­ploy­ees. “In my first meet­ing they said that they wanted me to work out how to sack them.” In­stead, Serge sought to help them out. “Two days later they fired me… Ar­se­holes.”

This was in the early 2000s. Serge had fi­nanced his law stud­ies by sell­ing paint­ings. All along he had built up his skills as a self-taught air­brush and acrylic painter. But he didn’t en­joy sell­ing his work. “I did big paint­ings for restau­rants, that kind of stuff. I did some book cov­ers. But I re­ally didn’t want to earn my way with my paint­ings and give them up. They were like my ba­bies. But my mother told me to.”

Women rule, okay?

Born in Stras­bourg, near the French-Ger­man bor­der, Serge says that he en­joyed a good Ger­man ed­u­ca­tion: “I’m po­lite. Well, I used to be.” He’s also quick to add that his mum was the key force in his early years. “My mother was a house cleaner, my fa­ther a sports teacher. It was very hard for my mother, she had sev­eral crappy jobs. My fa­ther was like the typ­i­cal man: liked sports, liked beer… all that I didn’t want to be. So my only role model was my mother and my sis­ters. I never

I didn’t want to give up my paint­ings – my ba­bies. But my mother told me to

July 2015

This im­age of the Chi­nese actress fea­tures a new ap­proach to

light­ing for Serge, and tones in­spired by De­nis Zilber.

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