Ren­der­ing the hair

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I copy and paste this sec­tion of hair and mod­ify it, so it looks nat­u­ral. I don’t ren­der all the hair by copy­ing and past­ing the same area of strands, but this ap­proach does save time. I’m us­ing a stan­dard Pho­to­shop brush, on a low Opac­ity. It’s cru­cial to paint with a soft, gen­tle hand when ren­der­ing hair. The smoother and softer your sty­lus strokes, the bet­ter the re­sults.

Paint­ing the ac­ces­sories

I switch back to Manga Stu­dio and pre­pare to tackle the flower. First, us­ing the Soft Air­brush I fill the flower’s pe­tals, mark­ing the lighter and darker ar­eas of my pe­tals. Then, with the Smooth Wa­ter­color Brush I give the pe­tals more def­i­ni­tion on their edges. I use the Rough pen­cil to cre­ate an ir­reg­u­lar tex­ture on the petal’s edge, and use the Blurred Spray Brush to en­hance the tex­ture on the edge of the pe­tals.

Brush Size

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