De­velop an at­mo­spheric en­vi­ron­ment

Places a fly­ing ves­sel in a win­tery seas­cape, us­ing a loose pain­terly style

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his piece is one I did in my free time. I al­ways have fun when I sit down and do per­sonal draw­ings, be­cause they help me to es­cape from my busy pro­fes­sional life. When you’re drawing just for plea­sure you’re to­tally free in your artis­tic de­ci­sion mak­ing. You’re like a writer, direc­tor and pro­duc­tion designer all rolled into one. You have no bound­aries or dead­lines to re­strict you. In­stead, you can de­cide

TJuly 2015 for your­self how you can start the piece and when you can stop.

I’ve pro­duced a fair few per­sonal pieces of art over time, all on cer­tain themes. This is from the se­ries of draw­ings telling the tale of The Last Su­per­hero. The ba­sic setup is that a per­son with su­per­pow­ers is des­per­ately fight­ing to save hu­man­ity and the world. It’s full of ad­ven­tures, fly­ing space­ships, bat­tles, danger­ous vil­lains and beau­ti­ful land­scapes. I would like to think that one day I’ll be able to pub­lish this story.

I took in­spi­ra­tion for this pic­ture from the ice-break­ing ships that are of­ten seen in the Arc­tic, whose red hulls make them stand out from their icy sur­round­ings. I also re­mem­bered an adventure story that I read when I was a child, about lit­tle peo­ple who once made their boat fly. That’s why, many years later, I de­cided to draw a red fly­ing ship…

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