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I find that pro­duc­ing th­ese sketches break down cre­ative bar­ri­ers quickly. In this case more are bet­ter and I do 20 or more of th­ese crit­ters. The more images I churn out, the more cre­ative they be­come. And I’m do­ing them in half the time, of course, thanks to the Mir­ror Paint­ing tool! I save the in­di­vid­ual files. I’ll go through all the doo­dles and check the ones that I like. Th­ese sketches can then be­come re­fined paint­ings, and I of­ten use Painter scripts to record the paint­ing process. Here’s how it’s done…

The Script panel

I click Win­dow> Scripts, and the Scripts panel ap­pears. This shows a large pre­view im­age of the ac­tive script, smaller icons of the cur­rent script li­brary, and three small icons at the bot­tom of the panel for cre­at­ing, im­port­ing and ex­port­ing scripts. There are also four black but­tons: the Stop, Play, Record and Pause con­trols.

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