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Web­cape­mo­ scape Mo­tions’ soft­ware is prac­ti­cally an art form unto it­self: Flame Painter soft­ware gen­er­ates fire so re­al­is­tic you could stick it in your fire­place on a crisp win­ter’s day, and feel the ben­e­fit. Mean­while Am­berlight, an ex­ten­sion of Flame Painter, cre­ates won­der­ful X-rayesque sculp­tures of light and shadow. Re­belle marks a de­par­ture from th­ese ab­stract paint­ing tools and a mat­u­ra­tion for Es­cape Mo­tions.

Re­belle is the com­pany’s first at­tempt to em­u­late real-life ma­te­ri­als and medi­ums rather than cre­at­ing mind-blow­ing pat­terns of fire and light. As such, it en­croaches on a sim­i­lar ter­ri­tory to Corel’s Painter in its dig­i­tal sim­u­la­tion of sloppy watercolours and acrylics. Paint­ing with its tools feels nat­u­ral and or­ganic, and you can un­leash your cre­ativ­ity with a se­lec­tion of cus­tomis­able brushes and colours.

So far, so Painter – al­beit with­out the hefty £315 price tag. But where Re­belle re­ally gets in­ter­est­ing is in its hy­per-real fea­tures to al­ter your painted art­work. The Blow tool sim­u­lates your breath on the can­vas, so the medium ex­pands and clumps to­gether. Mean­while, the Tilt con­trol moves sur­plus paint in the di­rec­tion you spec­ify; when used wisely this can

ECom­pany Es­cape Mo­tions add a touch of dy­namic speed or plum­met­ing grav­ity to your images.

And then there are tools for dry­ing or wet­ting the can­vas, smudg­ing and blend­ing paint, and of course an eraser to undo your mis­takes. Some may think th­ese fea­tures are a lit­tle gim­icky; how­ever, we feel that they help to give the pro­gram a unique iden­tity.

With Re­belle, Es­cape Mo­tions has cre­ated a smart, com­pet­i­tively priced paint­ing pro­gram that adds just enough to a well-worn for­mula to make it work. More im­por­tantly, though, is the com­pany’s move away from its sin­gu­lar, ab­stract soft­ware and into the main­stream: the va­ri­ety of brushes on of­fer sug­gests that this could be­come a frontal as­sault on Painter et al. Watch this (sat­u­rated) space.

July 2015

The Tilt fea­ture sim­u­lates the re­sults you would achieve in real life if you al­tered the an­gle of the can­vas.

Check out the au­then­tic acrylic brush strokes on Rana Dias’ Iron Man por­trait.

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