China Doll

ImagineFX - - In-Ah Roedi Ger -

This char­ac­ter from Oz the Great and Pow­er­ful was a real labour of love for In-Ah “Th­ese are stills from one of my shots on Oz the Great and Pow­er­ful. I first started work­ing on this in Jan­uary 2012 and it fi­nally got ap­proved in Novem­ber the same year! By that time it had gone through two or three other an­i­ma­tors un­til it cir­cled back to me.

“At that point it’s hard to tell what part is your an­i­ma­tion and how much of it was in­her­ited by the other peo­ple that worked on it. It’s a great ex­am­ple of how dif­fi­cult it can be to claim a shot to be ‘yours’ when so many other peo­ple are putting on fin­ish­ing touches.

“I’m proud of how th­ese shots turned out af­ter such an or­deal of try­ing to hit the client’s notes. By the time it got back to me I had got­ten to know the char­ac­ter of China Doll so well that I in­stinc­tively gave her the ex­tra char­ac­ter that was miss­ing. I re­mem­ber how re­lieved I was when this got ap­proved, and how very tired and de­pleted I was from all the late nights. It also re­minds me of how close I felt to this char­ac­ter, as if she were a dear friend, and that I weirdly miss her…”

“It was the first time I felt like I wasn’t sure if it was worth sac­ri­fic­ing your whole pri­vate life to this job,” she warns.

De­spite the huge work­load in cre­at­ing China Doll, In-Ah still thinks that “it was the most

fun I have had on a project.”

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