Draw your key poses

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Now that you have thumb­nails of your key poses you can start drawing them. If you are work­ing in soft­ware such as TVPaint, lay th­ese ini­tial poses out on the timeline in sync with your au­dio. With your key poses in place you can pro­ceed to cre­at­ing the rest of the an­i­ma­tion. Key poses are also re­ferred to as keyframes.

Au­gust 2015

Break­down the scene

The term break­down means the im­por­tant pose images be­tween keyframes. You’re break­ing down the mo­tion into a se­ries of smaller and smaller poses. As you space th­ese break­downs along your timeline, or flip through them, you’ll start to see a sense of move­ment. It’ll be choppy at first, but this process even­tu­ally cre­ates the feel­ing of life.

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