Make use of arcs

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One ap­proach that will take your an­i­ma­tion to an­other level is the use of arcs. In the nat­u­ral world things tend to move in arcs. Balls travel in an arc to the ground. But­ter­flies tend to float in a se­ries of over­lap­ping arcs. Play­ing with the con­cept of arcs through space (X, Y and Z axes) will give your scene a much more dy­namic feel.

An­i­mate on 2s

The eye per­ceives in­di­vid­ual frames as con­tin­u­ous mo­tion and a stan­dard the­atri­cal film has a frame-rate of 24 frames per sec­ond. Life-like an­i­ma­tion is an­i­mated on ‘2s’: we hold each im­age for two frames. In most cases 12 unique draw­ings for each sec­ond of your scene is enough. How­ever, for faster ac­tion for ex­am­ple, you may need more draw­ings to achieve smooth­ness.

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