Paint soft and loose strokes

Shares his easy-to-fol­low ap­proach for paint­ing a rugged male char­ac­ter, giv­ing him a stylised and pain­terly ap­pear­ance

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hrough­out my process I al­ways ask my­self: “Is it in­ter­est­ing?” We should con­stantly be ask­ing our­selves that ques­tion, at ev­ery stage of the art­work.

In my work­shop I’ll talk about the de­sign phase of my process and how to cre­ate in­ter­est­ing shapes and char­ac­ter. I’ll fo­cus on the face and some gen­eral cos­tume de­sign, be­fore start­ing to paint.

Af­ter the drawing is com­plete, I’ll talk a lit­tle about how I ap­proach colour, and

Thow I try to keep things sim­ple. Af­ter block­ing out my base colours, I’ll tackle the light­ing and ren­der­ing. I’ll be us­ing a few dif­fer­ent Pho­to­shop layer modes, in­clud­ing Mul­ti­ply and Color Dodge, to block in the light­ing. Re­mem­ber to keep look­ing at your piece and ask­ing your­self, “Is it in­ter­est­ing?” If some part of it isn’t grab­bing your at­ten­tion, then try some­thing else. If you’re not en­joy­ing it, then it’s un­likely some­one else will en­joy it.

To achieve my pain­terly style, I like to get the paint­ing to a point where I can for­get about lay­ers and blend modes, and just paint with my Bris­tle brush and a Smudge brush.

I think about the light source, bounce light and am­bi­ent light while I de­tail and paint the whole piece. Don’t be afraid of brush­strokes or add messy colours in some ar­eas. It’ll all add to the style of the piece and set your art apart. Okay, let’s see how I get on with my rugged war­rior…

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