Darken the scene

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Us­ing a big Soft brush, I darken the piece over­all slightly. Many times through­out a paint­ing, I’ll no­tice that things are look­ing too dark or too bright, or that other ad­just­ments need to be made. Try and get in the habit of notic­ing when your paint­ing has a prob­lem, and re­act ac­cord­ingly.

Oc­clu­sion paint­ing

Us­ing a Soft brush on a Mul­ti­ply layer, I brush in some am­bi­ent oc­clu­sion. Oc­clu­sion is when light can’t reach into tight spa­ces, mak­ing it much darker in­side them – such as in the ears, nos­trils, mouth, neck and folds on the jacket. I like to ex­ag­ger­ate oc­clu­sion and have it very clear and present in my paint­ings. I love its solid, clay-like feel.

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