Con­tinue ren­der­ing the char­ac­ter

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Ev­ery brush stroke I put down, I imag­ine where the light source is and how it’s il­lu­mi­nat­ing my char­ac­ter. I love it when my work feels three-di­men­sional, so I try to be as ac­cu­rate as pos­si­ble. I also think about ma­te­ri­als: how does skin look com­pared to cloth, or metal com­pared to leather? Mak­ing ma­te­ri­als read cor­rectly is very im­por­tant.

Bal­ance the de­tail­ing process

De­tail­ing can be danger­ous, be­cause it’s so fun! I en­joy putting a high level of de­tail into paint­ings. You can be quick and loose with de­tails; just paint them more as sug­ges­tions of de­tail, in­stead of spend­ing too much time on them. Lit­tle scratches, bumps and so on are great for in­tro­duc­ing an ex­tra di­men­sion of vis­ual in­ter­est in an im­age.

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