Cre­ate a fig­ure for an­i­ma­tion

Gives you some sim­ple guide­lines to help you de­velop a char­ac­ter from ini­tial sketch to a de­sign ready to be an­i­mated

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ut­stand­ing, com­pelling char­ac­ters are one of the most im­por­tant as­pects of an an­i­mated film. An eye-catch­ing char­ac­ter – ide­ally sev­eral – is a must-have in ev­ery pro­duc­tion.

Imag­ine watch­ing a mod­ern-day an­i­ma­tion film with a bor­ing main char­ac­ter. Would your time spent in the cinema be en­joy­able? No, and more than likely the film wouldn’t do well at the box of­fice – and mak­ing an­i­mated films

OAu­gust 2015 is an ex­pen­sive busi­ness! That’s why char­ac­ter de­sign is a key part in the pre­pro­duc­tion process of any an­i­mated film.

But the great thing about an­i­ma­tion, as op­posed to a live-ac­tion film, is that you have more free­dom when designing char­ac­ters. There are a lot of tech­niques you can use to make your an­i­mated char­ac­ter ap­pear more in­ter­est­ing. You can make the char­ac­ter stand out by their sil­hou­ette, or by their unique style, or just sim­ply be­cause of their cute ap­pear­ance.

Un­der­stand the client’s needs

You don’t usu­ally work alone: you need to un­der­stand what the art di­rect or client wants. Talk to them and make sure you have the same idea in mind. Once you connect with the con­cept, then you can start re­search­ing. Try not to limit your re­search to your own sub­ject – you can al­ways brain­storm and come up with to­tally dif­fer­ent ideas and di­rec­tions.

In this work­shop, I’ll share my process for char­ac­ter de­sign and devel­op­ment with you. The work­shop is di­vided into sev­eral sim­ple steps, and my task is to cre­ate an orig­i­nal char­ac­ter: a male jazz mu­si­cian from the 1940s.

I’ve de­cided he will have a charm­ing, flir­ta­tious and gen­tle­manly per­son­al­ity. Ba­si­cally, he’s the regular main char­ac­ter from a vin­tage mu­si­cal. But how can I make this char­ac­ter stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out…

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