Cre­at­ing a wa­ter­fall in pho­to­shop

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I start by block­ing in the base colours and shapes of the scene at 100 per cent Opac­ity, us­ing the Lasso tool to de­fine the dif­fer­ent zones of the paint­ing, sep­a­rat­ing them on to their own lay­ers. At this stage you should al­ready be im­ply­ing tex­ture us­ing brushes and bounce light. I start the sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ment and use a heavy bris­tled brush with deep ver­ti­cal strokes to add mo­tion. Us­ing a small Soft brush, I dab high­lights along the length of the wa­ter­fall. I then blend these ver­ti­cally us­ing a tex­tured Smudge tool to de­pict the body of the wa­ter. I use a large, opaque chalk brush to sug­gest heavy spray along up­per parts of the wa­ter­fall. I add an earthy bounce light to the wa­ter from the rocks and fi­nally use a large soft Round brush (in Color Dodge mode) to cre­ate the bil­low­ing mist at the bot­tom of the fall.

Septem­ber 2015

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