Add move­ment to your fig­ure art

Re­veals how she stepped out of her com­fort zone, em­braced green and painted a be­guil­ing fig­ure for this month’s cover

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his was truly a fun com­mis­sion! My ini­tial thoughts were that I was safely in my com­fort zone when I was asked to “paint a fan­ta­sythemed girl with some mov­ing fab­ric.” But know­ing that it would ap­pear on the cover of ImagineFX added some pres­sure! I think I strug­gled a lit­tle at the be­gin­ning of the process, but then it was a great feel­ing to fin­ish the im­age and I learned a lot about how to make a piece of char­ac­ter art work on a cover.

tThis isn’t my first cover. I’d worked on a book cover that didn’t turn out so well, so I treated this com­mis­sion as if it were my first cover re­quest. The sub­ject mat­ter wasn’t new to me I’ve prob­a­bly painted a fe­male fan­tasy char­ac­ter a hun­dred times now and so I was keen to bring some­thing fresh to the pro­ject. I achieved this goal by work­ing with green. I usu­ally don’t like green at all, even though you can make any colour work (depend­ing on the con­text, of course), so it helped that I erred on the side of turquoise!

Fur­ther­more, I feel as though I’ve pro­duced a lot of over-de­tailed com­mis­sion work in the past few years, so it was a nice change to keep things sim­ple and fo­cus on just a few de­tails, in­stead of over­load­ing the whole im­age. I think I’ll re­strict my de­tailed ap­proach to my per­sonal work in fu­ture.

I wanted to fo­cus on giv­ing the im­age a cool, fresh feel­ing, in di­rect con­trast to my stu­dio, which be­comes a bit too hot and stuffy from time to time. Okay, it’s time to take you through my paint­ing process!

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