Cre­at­ing thumb­nails

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This is a good stage to run through, es­pe­cially if you’re work­ing for a client. They’ll want to see op­tions, and so it’s a good demon­stra­tion of your ver­sa­til­ity as a de­signer to show them your thought process. Show some di­ver­sity, but be aware of the stated de­sign re­quire­ments. Each sketch should main­tain the feel of a cov­ered wagon.

Lorin’s rules of de­sign

Here are some help­ful rules of thumb to keep in mind dur­ing the early stages of the cre­ative process. Will your viewer be able to un­der­stand the de­sign’s story just by look­ing at it? Does the over­all de­sign have a good sil­hou­ette that ex­erts an in­tended mood? Can you iden­tify the pur­pose and func­tion of the de­sign in three sec­onds? Does the de­sign seem plau­si­ble? If you an­swer any of these ques­tions with a no or a maybe, then it’s a good sign that you may need to re­think your ap­proach. It’ll save you time later on, too!

Septem­ber 2015

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