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To punch up the shad­ing, I use my rec­tan­gu­lar, pres­sure­sen­si­tive marker brush, to pro­duce a smooth gra­di­ent. I push some side de­tails back and add an air­brush­ing of black to the top of the wagon and un­der­belly, to show it’s rounded away from the light source. To pull out sub­tle high­lights I use a marker tool and se­lect a dim grey from the ship side.

Fi­nal touches

I love monochrome marker il­lus­tra­tions. A smart step to take be­fore adding any ex­tra vis­ual ef­fects is to cre­ate a new empty layer, and cre­ate a light ef­fect us­ing Len­sFlare Stu­dio. Be­cause flares re­quire a flat­tened im­age, I’m go­ing to make a du­pli­cate. I de­pict the flares with a blue LED hue. They’re small but pow­er­ful. They serve as the equiv­a­lent to a can­dle-pow­ered lamp hang­ing off of the wagon. I fin­ish off by adding some red bea­cons and throw a weath­ered name on to the craft.

Septem­ber 2015

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