Cre­ate a tex­ture sheet

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Think of the tex­ture sheet as the ‘skin’ for the arches I’m about to model. Us­ing the Brush tool in­stead of pho­to­graphic over­lays, I’m paint­ing in Pho­to­shop at 2,048x2,048px. Photos are great, but I want these mod­els to blend in nat­u­rally with the rest of my paint­ing. Since I’ll be re­peat­ing these arched door­ways, it’s worth spend­ing some ex­tra time in this phase.

Model and tex­ture ba­sic forms

Un­like game as­sets or movie props that are fin­ished art­work, these 3D mod­els are only an in­ter­me­di­ary step. I’ll be paint­ing over them in Pho­to­shop, so it’s not worth adding a lot of de­tail now. And you might be won­der­ing why I only mod­elled half of my arch. The an­swer is sim­ple: it’s faster to mir­ror sym­met­ri­cal 3D shapes than to man­u­ally cre­ate both sides.

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