Start the paintover

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The 3D ren­der is just a start­ing point: now it’s time to start think­ing like a pain­ter. I want to con­trol the light and colour to im­prove my com­po­si­tion. In this phase I keep the ren­der in­tact and make my changes with ad­just­ment lay­ers in­stead of the Brush tool. Ad­just­ment lay­ers are a great way to experiment with colours with­out dam­ag­ing the lower lay­ers.

Paint the por­tal

This is a great ex­am­ple of 3D be­ing less ef­fec­tive than hand paint­ing. Know­ing I want the por­tal to be de­tailed and or­ganic, I only blocked it in as a ba­sic 3D sphere. To re­fine this el­e­ment I’m us­ing the Brush and Eraser tools. For spe­cific de­tails, I’ve gath­ered a col­lec­tion of real-life ref­er­ence photos: light­ing, the sun and so­lar flares.

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