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The cover of RA Sal­va­tore’s book The Crys­tal Shard inspired Mo­hamed, aka Shaz, to pur­sue art for a liv­ing. It was painted by Todd Lock­wood, an artist who re­mains close to Shaz’s heart, and the il­lus­tra­tion set the 15 year old on a path to fan­tasy art – de­spite show­ing no tal­ent or in­ter­est in paint­ing be­fore­hand.

Shaz tries to recre­ate the look and thick­ness of oils in his work, em­u­lat­ing the likes of Frazetta, Brom, Si­mon Bis­ley and Jes­per Ejs­ing. His aim is to be able to il­lus­trate large-scale bat­tle scenes and de­velop his skills to han­dle such a com­po­si­tion. “I hope to one day work for big fan­tasy prop­er­ties for Wizards of the Coast and Tor Pub­lish­ing, just like the artists I ad­mire,” Shaz says.

1 OGRE RIDER “My favourite fan­tasy paint­ings have a dash of hu­mour within. Here’s a kobold bark­ing out or­ders as he sits on the shoul­ders of an ogre who he can barely con­trol.”

2 DWAR­VEN HER­ALD “I painted this gaudily armoured, bat­tle her­ald for a dwar­ven army. It was inspired by the dwarfs of Warham­mer, a gam­ing prop­erty that I hold dear.”

3 EL­VEN BLADEMASTER “I wanted to paint a bat­tle scene with a real sense of mo­tion in an il­lus­tra­tion. I used more colour sat­u­ra­tion vari­a­tions, be­cause I have a habit of not con­trol­ling the chroma of my colours in a paint­ing. Hope­fully, this will be the start of bet­ter paint­ing habits!”

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