Giv­ing my char­ac­ter more hair

ImagineFX - - In Depth Add Movement -

To be hon­est I’m re­ally lazy when it comes to paint­ing hair, so I use a se­lec­tion of one of my older paint­ings of a girl who has wild-look­ing hair. I spend time al­ter­ing it with the Trans­form tool so that no one will recog­nise the orig­i­nal source ma­te­rial. I think I’ve pulled it off! All the sin­gle hair strands also in­stantly make the im­age look more de­tailed.

du­pli­cate im­age on a new layer Shift+Ctrl+alt+

e (PC) Shift+Cmd+alt+

e (mac) This flat­tens

and copies your whole im­age

on to a new layer.

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