Pro se­crets: Cre­at­ing a grotesque paint­ing

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1 Don’t Be afraid To fail and start Again

This was prob­a­bly my third or fourth at­tempt on this same sur­face be­fore I got some­thing that in­ter­ested me. If some­thing isn’t work­ing, don’t force your­self to push for­ward on some­thing you prob­a­bly won’t be happy with in the end. Paint right over it and start anew.

2 Don’t Be afraid To experiment With Your art

Try dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions of media to see what re­sults you get. I’ve been tra­di­tion­ally an oil pain­ter, but I tried wa­ter­colour, acrylic and soft pas­tel on this piece be­fore it re­ally started to come to­gether. It was only af­ter this that I fin­ished it in oil paint.

3 Don’t Be afraid To leave ar­eas un­fin­ished

You don’t need to bring all ar­eas of an im­age up to the same level of fin­ish. Bring the most de­tail and fin­ish to the area you want the viewer’s eye to fo­cus on, and han­dle other ar­eas in a looser fash­ion. Am­bi­gu­ity in ar­eas can add to the creepi­ness of the piece.

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