step by step: From sketch­book doo­dles to full-blown com­po­si­tion

ImagineFX - - Artist Insight Epic Scale -

1 In the Be­gin­ning…

Even at this large a scale for the fi­nal art, my pic­to­rial prob­lem-solv­ing process be­gins in small, ab­stract sketches. Shown here are the ini­tial stud­ies and a larger con­cept pitch to the client. This doo­dle later de­vi­ated from the stereo­typ­i­cal ver­ti­cal ar­chi­tec­ture el­e­ments and opened the door to curv­ing masses, de­sign and light.

2 Draw­ing out the scene

With my model and el­e­ment ref­er­ences all gath­ered, shot and con­sid­ered, the trans­fer of the pre­lim­i­nary draw­ing be­gins on to the fi­nal linen. Even though I’d ex­e­cuted a smaller ver­sion of this draw­ing on pa­per (60 x 75cm), ev­ery head, fig­ure and de­tail needed to be re­drawn and em­bel­lished to work at the full scale of 150 x 280cm.

3 And now, Colour!

Turn­ing to oil paints af­ter the acrylic washes, the real work of this im­age be­gins. Dozens of faces, hands and cos­tumes need to be ren­dered and colour bal­anced within the ar­chi­tec­tural land­scape. Many of these faces have seen three or four paint-overs to set them right in value, colour, de­tail and de­sign.

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