Paint apor­trait of an anti-hero

Ex­plains her cre­ative process and ap­proach to­wards sto­ry­telling, as she de­picts some­one from the wrong side of town…

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nti-he­roes are su­per cool. Be it in a novel, comic book, TV se­ries, or a movie, there’s noth­ing quite like a char­ac­ter who doesn’t fit the norm. They’re the kind of char­ac­ters who skew the lines be­tween right and wrong, tak­ing you on a roller coaster ride of con­flict­ing emo­tions. They’re also the kind of char­ac­ters I’m inspired by the most.

With this work­shop, my aim is to trans­late these ideas into vis­ual

Acom­po­nents. Cue roughed up sci-fi pro­tag­o­nist! A man of the law, who’s on the edge of his moral com­pass and seems to have got­ten him­self into a bit of trou­ble. Rather than fo­cus on the fight, I want to cap­ture him in a mo­ment of in­tro­spec­tion. The story in mind is pretty sim­ple, and your con­cept can be just the same. It’s just about adding sub­tle de­tails to en­hance your nar­ra­tive.

Start­ing with my thumb­nail, I’ll take you through my process. From lay­ing out con­cise line work, to shad­ing in greyscale and then mov­ing on to colour. The bet­ter you plan your idea, the eas­ier it will be to as­sem­ble your art­work. This work­shop will fea­ture a range of tech­niques you can im­ple­ment in your own process, whether you want to learn about colour­ing, or easy ways to de­tail your art. My aim is to de­liver a sub­tle story by us­ing sim­ple tools and tech­niques to help you on your way.

Now it’s time to grab your tablet and start bring­ing this dark horse to life!

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