Me­dieval knight

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I give the knight at­tack­ing Becket a sim­ple chain-mail tu­nic and hel­met. He’s placed in the cast shadow too, so he looks darker ex­cept for the light re­flected from the floor be­hind him and the blade of the sword that’s in the stained glass light. This makes the knight seem more men­ac­ing.

Fin­ish­ing touches

I give a touch of colour to the knight in the back­ground and we’re al­most done. I add the beams of light com­ing from the win­dows and I stress the lu­mi­nos­ity with an ad­di­tional Color Dodge layer. Fi­nally, I paint small dabs of paint in a very light blue, which sim­u­late the ef­fect of dust hit by the light.

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