Mis­chief 2.1

Not just an in­fi­nite can­vas – Mis­chief has be­come a bril­liant brain­storm­ing tool

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Price £17 (or free, with­out Pins) Com­pany The Foundry Web www.made­with­mis­chief.com ntil now, Mis­chief’s main selling point was its in­fi­nite zoom can­vas. It’s a can­vas with no pre­de­ter­mined size or bor­der you can zoom in or out of to your heart’s con­tent, thanks to its vec­tor-based draw­ing en­gine.

It works very well. Mis­chief feels more like nat­u­ral/raster draw­ing than us­ing vec­tors. But you can’t help but feel it’s a bit gim­micky. Mis­chief was never go­ing to com­pete with apps like Pho­to­shop or Pain­ter. For­tu­nately, Mis­chief doesn’t have to. It’s rein­vent­ing it­self as an es­sen­tial tool for brain­storm­ing and ideation.

The big ad­di­tion to Mis­chief 2.1 is Pins. Pins adds a new way of tak­ing ad­van­tage of the in­fi­nite can­vas. You can add a Pin to any point on your can­vas, en­abling you to quickly nav­i­gate back to it later. You can man­age and re­order up to 99 Pins, so you’re free to con­tinue draw­ing or writ­ing ideas with­out wor­ry­ing about or­gan­is­ing your thoughts.

Mis­chief 2.1 fea­tures a stream­lined in­ter­face with six ba­sic brushes that in­clude mild cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions, but no tex­tures. Mis­chief’s ap­peal is get­ting started im­me­di­ately and not get­ting bogged down with op­tions.

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You start on a trans­par­ent layer, so you’re ready to get sketch­ing straight away. Mis­chief sup­ports mul­ti­ple layer op­tions and opac­ity. Its abil­ity to in­fin­itely zoom, and line smooth­ing op­tions, make it a good choice for ink­ing art­works. But It lacks lasso tools, so paint­ing with se­lec­tions isn’t pos­si­ble here. The best way to use Mis­chief is at the start of your work­flow. Sketch ideas out, ink them and then ex­port your vis­i­ble can­vas (with your choice of pixel di­men­sions/ doc­u­ment size/res­o­lu­tion) as JPEG, PNG or PSD into Pho­to­shop to paint.

Mis­chief 2.1 is a su­perb choice for all cre­atives. It gets you gen­er­at­ing ideas quickly and ef­fi­ciently and has them look­ing great even be­fore tak­ing them into Pho­to­shop.

Mis­chief’s’ in­fi­nite can­vas en­ables you to con­stantly gen­er­ate ideas, be­cause you’ll never run out of space!

Easily nav­i­gate back to ar­eas of your can­vas by as­sign­ing ‘Pins’ to them and us­ing the Pins panel.

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